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The soap is awesome!   Metallica, Los Angeles, CA

I find natural liquid soap addictive and have never experienced anything like it.     John, Sarasota, FL

I will never use harsh chemicals again on my dog.  The natural liquid soap makes dog wash time fun!              Janice, Woodlands, TX

The condition of my own hands improved after washing my dog Beethoven. I now buy the natural liquid castile for the rest of my house.                 Elizabeth, Short Hills, NJ

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An Eco-Green Formulation

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An Eco-Green Formulation

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Shampooing Dogs Naturally ~by Author Deborah Dolen, Senior Flavorist 

Using an all natural dog shampoo for washing your dog is a far better choice than using highly scented commercial dog concoctions that are fragranced to please humans-but make your dog totally miserable.  Commercial scents can be overwhelming and depress a pooch because a dog’s sense of smell is at least 100 times more powerful than a human's. 

Dog's also have a higher pH than most mammals so their skin will react adversely to human shampoos. Humans can have a ph level from 4.5 to 6.5.  Dogs have a ph level from 6.2 to 8.62.  Human shampoos are far too acidic for the pet and no great surprise many dogs have 'mysterious' skin conditions.  The pet owner tries to save money in one area but ends up spending a lot of money for skin condition solutions.  Pet owners who use only natural liquid soaps swear by them, and rightly so.  Natural liquid soap is usually made with premium oils such as olive and not cheap coconut oils because olive and other premium oils do not dry a pets coat or skin out like coconut oil heavy formula can.  If you use a groomer, you can still buy natural liquid soap and ask your groomer to use your dog soap instead.  Many groomers welcome a "green" revelation as they also have to be exposed to any artificial surfactants being used.  

 Dogs have a much higher pH than humans which is another reason washing with a natural liquid soap is far more suitable than using a shampoo meant for humans. ~Deborah Dolen

Because the skin absorbs 70% of what is put on it into the blood stream, we strongly believe using artificial (commercial) soap products also ages a person by seven years-so why would this not be true for our pets?   Natural Liquid soap is made the old fashioned way, saponified with salts and does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate or other cheap coconut heavy formulas.  Natural liquid soap also does not contain parabens or petrol derived ingredients, plus using a natural liquid soap also gives pooch a soft glossy coat.  Mabel's Miracles and Dr. Bronners sell this type of soap however the latter is all low end coconut oil as of teh last decade.  Don;t fall for "Castile VEGETABLE All Natural" as real castile is mainly Olive oil.  Most are even claiming coconut as a vegetable oil.  Now palm oil is a vegetable that we would never use.  *Some coconut is needed for lather-and other benefits, but keeping it under 20% of the formula-not most of the formula is important.  See very bottom of page for more specific Q&A on skin conditions, dog conditioners and more. NBC The New York Times

How often should I wash my pet?                                                   

It is best to wash your pooch a few times a month to remove allergens, dirt and dander.  Washing too much can dry their skin and strip away precious oils.  Once a week can be excessive unless there are more serious issues at play such as a high sensitivity to allergens attaching to your dogs coat.  A newly mowed lawn can incite this allergen and attachment cycle. In the event of weekly washing-you may want to consider a castor oil liquid soap.  We discuss castor oil based liquid soaps below for hot spots and unique skin conditions. Click here for natural liquid soap for family and home use.

Easiest Way to Wash?

Wet your dog all over first.  This makes the liquid soap glide on easy and the whole bath experience take five minutes.  Do this from the top down, first for the back area, gently scrubbing down to the tail and below, the rear legs, to the belly and chest, and then do the neck last neck. Make sure to rub shampoo into any creases, like under the front legs and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Do avoid the eye areas as it is still a "soap."

Consider your water source!  For about $45 Home Depot sells a water test that is very complete.  

Serious Dry Skin and Why Does a Dog Get Hot Spots?   

A dog's pH is one of the highest among mammals, making their skin particularly sensitive and susceptible to irritations, rashes and hot spots. This is one reason human shampoos are simply not designed for dogs.

We really believe skin conditions are caused from  50% diet and 50% reaction to the pets environment or current bathing products or simply the WATER SOURCE.  If the diet is great and the dog is still suffering with itchy skin-any of our shampoos are strong default option and the previous shampoo being used could be the main culprit. 

We use mome castor oil in our formula because castor oil gently cleanses the area without stripping precious oils.  For this reason-hair dressers in Beverly Hills use it on their clients who have severely damaged hair and need a moisture retention solution.  So the "Hollywood Latherless Shampoo" is just basically castor oil.  Often moisture retention starts with a gentle the shampoo process.  The Castor oil soothes the skin and promotes the healing process.   We often forget dogs walk on freshly treated lawns and their paws absorb whatever they step on. 

Essential Oils and Your Pet

Never apply an essential oil directly to a pet.  Essential oils are so potent they must be used with extreme caution.  Using too much can enter the blood stream and shut a pet's liver down.  This is true with humans also.  Besides that, their sense of smell can be so overwhelmed they can get depressed at minimum.  When using essential oils only use a drop or two per cup of soap-dispersed well.  Diluted Tea tree oil on a wound would be an exception, but still keep in mind the pet may lick the area.  See bottom of page for more specific Q&A on skin conditions, dog conditioners and more.

Click here for Natural Liquid Soap Cleaning Formulas and Recipes

Green Alfalfa Treats

(makes 8 big treats and 16 small treats)

(For Teeth and Digestion)

2 Cups (280g) store bought Bran Muffin Mix

2 cups of Mint Tea (450 ml)

1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter (70g)

1/2 Cup of Alphalfa (70g)

1/2 cup of Vegetable Glycerin (70g)

1/2 Cup of Rolled Oats or Oatmeal

1 egg

1 Teaspoon of Flax seed oil (Optional)

2 Crushed Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets (optional)

   Combine thoroughly and either put into the new silicone cupcake molds or spread evenly on a bake pan at least 1 inch high.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and remove to cool.  Cut into shapes and place back in the oven with the heat off to harden for a few hours.

*Alfalfa contains more Chlorophyll than any other plant and is why pets try to eat grass when not feeling well.

Ringo's Beefy Treats

(makes 8 big treats and 16 small treats)

(For Good Blood)

2 Cups (280g) store bought Corn Muffin Mix

2 cups of Beef Broth (450 ml)

1 Cup of Rolled Oats or Oatmeal

1/2 cup of Vegetable Glycerin (70g)

1 Cup Whole What Flour

1 egg

1 Teaspoon Flax Seed Oil (Optional)

Contents of one or two Golden Seal Root capsules

Contents of one or two Echinacea capsules


Chicken broth can also be used to substitute for beef in this recipe.  Combine thoroughly and either put into the new silicone cupcake molds or spread evenly on a bake pan at least 1 inch high.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and remove to cool.  Cut into shapes and place back in the oven with the heat off to harden for a few hours.

*The Glycerin is great for dogs and helps a lot with making the treats hard and easy to mold.

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What about waterless or  dog shampoo?

There is no free lunch.  Waterless dog shampoos generally contain sulfates and propylene glycol not to mention fragrances that over power the dogs sense of smell simply to make the human happy.  Often these synthetic chemicals are hidden behind soft and "friendly" Latin names for herbs just to make the consumer feel it is a natural product.  To properly wash and deodorize your dog find a way to access good old soap and water.  The waterless dog shampoo aspect conjures up thoughts of the talc we used to put in our hair in the 70's [some people still doing this] so we could resolve greasy hair in a hurry.  That worked out great until we figured out it dulled our hair and the talc invited more dirt to hang on to our shafts.  Aspiration of talc has become a huge issue.  You can figure dogs hair works the same way in that respect.  Even if traveling from hotel to hotel I would worry about my dogs inhalation of talc if talc was a quick fix. Meaning fo not use it.  ~by Deborah Dolen

Aloe, Oatmeal, Medicated and Moisturizing Dog Shampoo

Using a good dog shampoo in the first instance can totally resolve the need for aloe, oatmeal, medicated and moisturizing Dog Shampoos.  When you use the correct shampoo with the correct pH for dogs you will notice skin conditions [caused by use of human products or harsh pet products] totally clear up in most cases. Occasionally something else may be the trigger such as lawn pesticide spraying or just freshly mowed grass, or even simply the water "source."

The best dog shampoo is a natural pH adjusted shampoo and will offer a shiny coat as well as not strip the pet of their natural skin oils. A pet shampoo made with olive oil the natural way soap is made makes for the best dog shampoo and made with the proper pH for dogs.  We do like to add 5% vegetable glycerin and 5% castor oil to our dog shampoo formula to ensure a retention of the dogs natural oils and slight addition of moisturizing properties, as well as olive oil as the main oil.  Aloe and oatmeal ingredients are great but not as dramatic in effect and results as a dog owner simply ceasing to wash their pet with products not meant for a pet.  Turning to hard pet sulfate shampoos is not the answer either.  

Best Dog Conditioner  also can be titled "My dog is itching but does not have fleas"

As stated previously a dog does not need a conditioner at all if the proper pH shampoo for dogs is being used in the first place.  More can be said about nutritional health but is not germane to this article.  So many people buy elaborate pet shampoos that are too hard on the pet skin and/or not formulated well and then the dog is itching like a maniac yet not showing any signs of fleas.  When you use the proper natural dog shampoo a dog having any skin condition is far less likely.  Do make sure your pet is totally rinsed because lingering soap of any kind can cause irritation.

If you are searching for a "medicinal skin conditioner" the assumption is a dog having a reaction to former soaps and this has caused a need for medicated skin products.  The solution, again, is a natural liquid soap meant for dogs. 

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How Do I Know If My Dog is Itching from Former Shampoo Use?

If your dog itches far less right after its use-then you can be fairly sure the dog did not like the former shampoo being used. 

Movie stars are using "lather less shampoo" known as castor oil to retain their natural oils and quit stripping their scalp.  This practice is resulting in very youthful looking shiny hair not to mention the slight savings.  However always using that one product can also cause build up and dull hair.  So look at it as a "treatment."  ~by Author Deborah Dolen NBC The New York Times

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